Synthetic Asset Positions Dashboard

Overview of Dashboard

Synth Position Dashboard

Sumero V1 introduces a synthetic asset position dashboard that allows users to quickly glean insights from all of their open and historical synthetic asset positions. The purpose of the dashboard is to allow users to quickly assess key information about their positions so that they can make swift changes to positions if needed. These position changes can be made directly in the dashboard by selecting the 'Options' button under any open synth position.

Dashboard Features

  • Clay Balance

    • Displays Clay token balance

  • zClay Bond Balance

    • Displays zClay bond balance

  • Open Synth Positions

    • Synth Position Information Provided:

      • Status: Displays the status of the synth position

      • Balance: Synthetic asset token balance available

      • Collateral Deposited: The amount of underlying USDC collateral that has been deposited

      • Synth Tokens Outstanding: Amount of outstanding synth tokens minted from this position

      • Minimum Sponsor Position: Minimum amount of synth tokens that must be minted to open a position

      • Position Collateral Ratio: The current collateralization ratio of this open position

      • Minimum Acceptable Collateral Ratio: The minimum collateralization ratio needed to keep the position open and above the liquidation threshold

      • Position Expiry: The time and date the position expires

      • EMP Contract Address: The Ethereum address of the EMP contract

      • Synthetic Token Contract Address: The Ethereum address of the synthetic token contract

    • Make Position Adjustments:

      • Using the 'Options' button under open synth positions, users can make adjustments to their positions in several ways

        1. Deposit USDC

          • Deposit additional USDC collateral to increase the collateralization ratio.

        2. Withdraw USDC

          • Withdraw USDC collateral to acquire some of the underlying collateral. Note this will reduce the position collateralisation ratio.

        3. Redeem Synth Tokens

          • Redeem some of the synth tokens for the equivalent collateral value.

        4. Repay Synth Tokens

          • Repay some synth tokens to increase the collateralisation ratio. Users can repay their max synth token balance to close a synth position.

  • Overview of Past Synth Positions

    • Displays historical synth positions opened by the user using the Sumero protocol.

  • Other Available Synth Positions

    • Displays synth positions opened by other users of the protocol. This information can be used to inform eligible position liquidations that liquidators can earn a reward from by proposing the liquidation of a position that meets the liquidation criteria.

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