About Sumero Protocol & Global Access Labs

Who is behind Sumero?

Sumero is a decentralized protocol built on blockchain technology. The Sumero protocol was built and developed by Global Access Labs Ltd, a Web3 software development company domiciled in Dublin, Ireland.

What is Global Access Labs (GAL)?

Global Access Labs is the company which developed the Sumero protocol, along with the web interface for the protocol.

What is the Sumero protocol?

The Sumero protocol is a suite of persistent, non-upgradable smart contracts that together create an automated market maker (AMM), a protocol that facilitates minting synthetic assets, peer-to-peer market making and swapping of ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the Sumero interface?

The Sumero interface is a web interface that allows anyone to easily interact with the Sumero protocol. This web interface is only one of many ways one may interact with the underlying Sumero protocol.

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