Clay Token


What is Clay?

Clay is Sumero's native cryptocurrency. Clay is an ERC-20 token. The source code for the CLAY token can be found on GitHub here.

Deployed Contracts

Ethereum Mainnet

Goerli Testnet

Clay Utility

In its current format, the Clay has no utility. However, the Sumero V2 token will have utility as an oracle token and Clay is convertible to it. In other words, Clay can be redeemed for Sumero V2 tokens.

How to acquire Clay

Sumero users can acquire clay in several ways including:

  1. Staking USDC-CLAY pool LP tokens in Sumero's LP staking contract.

  2. Lending Clay to the protocol in return for zClay bonds.

  3. Buying Clay on SumSwap with USDC.

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