Buying Clay

The easiest way to participate in the Sumero system is to simply buy CLAY. Although there is no central issuer of CLAY, many liquidity mining participants will need to sell some CLAY to meet expenses. There will almost certainly be CLAY available to purchase on SumSwap (Sumero’s native exchange).

How to buy Clay on SumSwap

  1. Connect your wallet to Sumero

  2. Navigate to the Trade page

  3. Select the buy tab

  4. Click on the 'From' input field and enter the amount of USDC you want to trade for Clay. The Sumero protocol will automatically calculate the amount of Clay that you will receive based on the amount you have inputted.

  5. Click approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet

  6. Then click trade and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  7. Your Clay tokens will appear in your wallet once your transaction is executed.

If you can't see your clay tokens in your wallet, make sure to add the token to your metamask wallet by clicking the 'i' symbol next to the Clay input field.

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