Selling Clay

If users wish to sell some of their Clay tokens, they can navigate to the Trade page on the Sumero protocol. Here they will find Sumero's SumSwap DEX which allows them to swap Clay for the USDC stablecoin.

How to sell Clay on SumSwap

  1. Connect your wallet to Sumero

  2. Navigate to the Trade page

  3. Select the sell tab

  4. Select the Clay token from the toggle list of token options

  5. Click on the 'From' input field and enter the amount of Clay you want to trade for USDC. The Sumero protocol will automatically calculate the amount of USDC that you will receive based on the amount of Clay you have inputted.

  6. Click approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet

  7. Then click trade and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  8. Your USDC tokens will appear in your wallet once your transaction is executed.

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